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JDIMI Consulting

Where no matter what, you've got the peace of mind you need and the protection you can't afford to be without.


JDIMI Consulting was founded by John Cochrane, Corporate & Employee Benefit Specialist, and Scott Studley, Group Retirement & Financial Planning Specialist, each of whom have earned stellar reputations in their 80+ years of combined experience in their respective fields of Insurance, Employee Benefits, Pension & Group Retirement and Financial Planning products and services.

Most single-discipline firms or institutions require the expertise of outsourced financial services experts to meet their clients’ needs. One of our competitive advantages is that at JDIMI Consulting, we combine the skills of the best experts available to provide a multidisciplinary and comprehensive consulting approach to business management.

While each partner at JDIMI Consulting is an expert in their chosen field, it is the integration of their combined expertise, their ready availability to service both individual and corporate clients, their care and exacting service standards, along with an exemplary team, that sets them apart from single-service providers.

Our Services

JDIMI Consulting is an independent, multidisciplinary, professional services corporation, offering the highest standard of service in industry-leading Insurance, Financial Management and Planning & Solutions Strategies to corporations, corporate executives, business owners and individuals alike with unparalleled personalized care and service.

Choosing the right professional to partner with while planning, enhancing and preserving your success and ensuring your security and protection, is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. At JDIMI Consulting, we are confident that we can service any and all of your financial and business needs well beyond your satisfaction. We look forward to welcoming you to JDIMI Consulting.