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JDIMI Consulting Navacord was founded by John Cochrane, corporate and employee benefit specialist, and Scott Studley, group retirement and financial planning specialist. Combined, that adds up to 80+ years of experience in their respective areas of insurance focus, in addition to other diverse product and sector offerings that include employee benefits, pension and group retirement, and financial planning products and services.

Most single-discipline organizations require the expertise of outsourced financial services experts to meet their clients’ needs. Not us. At JDIMI Consulting Navacord, we combine the skills of the best experts available and backing of a national firm to provide a multidisciplinary and strategic consulting approach to business management.
It is the integration of our partners’ entrepreneurial expertise, their forward-thinking ability to service both individual and corporate clients, and their supportive care and exacting service standards that set our collaborative efforts apart from single-service providers.

Navacord supports us as a partner in long-term, strategic growth while procuring a deeper support system for our clients. We proudly extend our partnership benefits—expansive expertise and knowledge through Navacord’s wide-reaching network—to our clients. Navacord’s focus on providing enhanced risk services, sector expertise, access to carriers, and a range of resources such as IT, Marketing and HR, provides additional resources to us, JDIMI Consulting Navacord, and you—our clients.

Innovative Services

JDIMI Consulting Navacord is an independent, multidisciplinary, professional services corporation, offering the highest standard of service in industry-leading insurance, financial management, and planning and solutions strategies to corporations, corporate executives, business owners, and individuals alike with unparalleled, boutique-style care and service.

Choosing the right professional partner while planning, enhancing, and preserving your future success, security, and protection, is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. At JDIMI Consulting Navacord, we are stable and confident when guiding or servicing any of your financial and business needs, and we do it well beyond your satisfaction. Welcome to JDIMI Consulting Navacord.